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Changes from 1.7.18 to 1.8.1:


  • Updated LAV Filters to v0.72-12-g14744
  • Updated MediaInfo DLL to v18.08.1


  • Added support for decoding AOMedia AV1 video
  • Added WMA to internal filters list
  • Allow using externally installed LAV Filters as internal filters when our own LAV Filters folder doesn't exist.
  • Added advanced option "AllowInaccurateFastseek", which is enabled by default. When enabled fast seek (to keyframe) is allowed to be very inaccurate (max difference 20 seconds) in files with huge keyframe intervals. When disabled the allowed inaccuracy is much lower, when deciding between a fast and normal seek. For example 30% of jump size.
  • If a playlist entry points to an URL, then display the title/label in player title bar instead of the URL.
  • Limit max video height returned by Youtube-DL to 1440 by default. Higher resolutions may not play smoothly due to bandwidth throttling by Youtube.
  • This value can be customized in: Options > Advanced > YDLMaxHeight


  • Fixed crash when opening generic URLs. Was a regression since addition of Youtube-DL support in previous version.