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@clsid2 clsid2 released this
· 218 commits to develop since this release
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Changes from 1.9.13 to 1.9.14:


  • Updated LAV Filters to version 0.75.1


  • Some optimizations in the filter graph builder. Should give a small reduction in file loading time in some situations.
  • Added a small safezone above and below the seekbar where (accidental) mouse clicks/drags are ignored.
  • Improved backwards framestep for DVDs. It now seeks back ~500ms to ensure it shows a different frame. The DVD Navigator unfortunately does not offer better accuracy.
  • Improved region code handling for DVDs
  • Added support for loading external fonts for SSA/ASS subtitles. The player check for "fonts" subfolder in location of video file.


  • Fixed regression that broke loading of audio dub through command line parameter