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These texts come from the Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA). Its goals are (source translated via Google Translate):

* To collect all the Chinese Buddhist, Buddhist scriptures to build electronic integration.
* Buddhist scriptures development of electronic technology to enhance communication and application of Buddhist scriptures.
* Utilizatize characteristics of electronic media to facilitate preservation and circulation of Buddhist scriptures.
* Expect anyone to want to have the opportunity to read the hidden wish.


This repository contains Various indices that come with CBETA.

For the rest of the corpus, see and


These texts come from the 2014 DVD distribution, available from


See license on CBETA homepage.

The "Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association" (CBETA) has been formally established on Feb. 15, 1998 with support from the Yinshun Foundation of North-America ( and Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies ( to create, maintain and distribute free of charge an electronic version of the Chinese Buddhist Triptitaka. Since February 2001, the Seeland Education Foundation administered the assistance to this project.

The CBETA Chinese Electronic Tripitaka is based on the Taisho Tripitaka 「大正新脩大藏經」((c) Daizo Shuppansha 大藏出版株式會社) Vols 1-55, 85 and Shinsan Zokuzookyoo「新纂大日本續藏經」((c) Kokusho Kankokai 株式會社國書刊行會 ) Vols 1-90.

The right to input and distribute this database has been officially granted by the copyright holders Daizo Shuppansha and Kokusho Kankokai . We would like to express our gratitude for this.

Please observe the following while using this database:

Permission to use this database is limited to individuals and organizations for non profit use. Any commercial use requires the prior written permission of both this Association and the Daizo Shuppansha or Kokusho Kankokai of Japan.

  • Permission to distribute or otherwise use any material from this database on computer networks, CD-ROM or any other media is granted on condition that its content is not altered and the copyright notice as well as version information is kept intact and visible to the user.
  • If you encounter any error in this material, please report it to this Association.
  • This Association will not be responsible for any harm or damage that might result in the usage of this database.
  • All rights for this database are reserved

Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association

All Rights Reserved‧Priceless, not to be sold‧No Commercial Used Allowed


Indices to the CBETA corpus






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