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Simplify CI by deleting redundant production of source distribution (#…


The command `python sdist` produces the archive meant to be
uploaded to pypi.  The archive is currently being uploaded by any CI
build running on the `master` branch.

Any CI build on the `master` branch currently runs `python
sdist` twice:
* Once during the `install` phase;
* Then, *after having cleaned the working directory*, by the `deploy`
  phase too.  More details on this further below.

The only effect of the `python sdist` run during the
`install` phase appears to be that PRs are checked for being able to
produce a source distribution.  This appears not designed on purpose,
as anyway `python install` shall detect all relevant major

So `python sdist` in the `install` phase appears redundant,
therefore delete it.


The CI `deploy` phase already runs `python sdist` - see
and code

The CI cleans the working directory before running the `deploy` phase
hence making the early `python sdist` ineffective.  As the
`skip_cleanup` option is not specified, before executing the `deploy`
phase the CI [runs `git stash
that cleans the working directory [including untracked files and
ignored files]( - as
can be seen by inspecting the Travis CI log of recent builds on master
> Cleaning up git repository with `git stash --all`. If you need build
  artifacts for deployment, set `deploy.skip_cleanup: true`. See
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lucafavatella authored and kylepjohnson committed Oct 15, 2017
1 parent a3f7885 commit 76ddd9336ab627a63e14a5802c42c80d0d8cc5aa
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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ python:
- '3.6'
- python sdist install
- python install
- pip install --upgrade pip

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