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Docker script for cltk
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Docker for CLTK core software

This repository contains a Docker container for the CLTK.


First, clone this repository:

$ git clone
$ cd cltk_docker

Build the image:

$ docker build -t cltk .


To run the image:

$ docker run -it cltk
>>> from cltk.corpus.utils.importer import CorpusImporter
>>> c = CorpusImporter('latin')
>>> c.list_corpora
['latin_text_perseus', 'latin_treebank_perseus', 'latin_text_lacus_curtius', 'latin_text_latin_library', 'phi5', 'phi7', 'latin_proper_names_cltk', 'latin_models_cltk', 'latin_pos_lemmata_cltk', 'latin_treebank_index_thomisticus', 'latin_lexica_perseus', 'latin_training_set_sentence_cltk', 'latin_word2vec_cltk', 'latin_text_antique_digiliblt', 'latin_text_corpus_grammaticorum_latinorum']

Data Volumes

This Dockerfile uses three data volumes, which you can use to persist data across runs or map a directory from the Docker host:

  • /cltk_data
  • /nltk_data
  • /data

So if you use e.g. docker volume create cltk_data, you can then use docker run -ti -v cltk_data:/cltk_data ctlk, and any corpora installed will persist when you use the same volume. If your Docker host has already installed corpora locally, you could instead use e.g. docker run -ti -v $HOME/cltk_data:/cltk_data cltk.

Installing Corpora

This container also comes with a helper script,, which can be used to install all corpora:

docker run -ti -v cltk_data:/cltk_data cltk

Or corpora for specific languages:

docker run -ti -v cltk_data:/cltk_data cltk greek latin

Jupyter Notebook

The Dockerfile.jupyter file also defines a Jupyter Notebook container with CLTK installed. You can build it with docker build -t cltk-jupyter -f Dockerfile.jupyter ., and run it with e.g. (also using a mapped data volume as in the example above) docker run -p 8888:8888 -v cltk_data:/cltk_data cltk-jupyter (see the Jupyter Docker Stacks Quick Start documentation for more examples)



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