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The file is a human–editable POS–tagged text of Xenohphon's Anabasis. Any GitHub user can check the quality of a sentence's POS tags, fix or confirm it, and give one's name.

The text was tagged using the CLTK's TnT tagger. The file Make human-editable POS text from generated, which was then broken down into files for each book.

Once the Anabasis has been tagged, in part or in full, it will be added to the CLTK's POS tagging training set.

How to edit

To begin editing, make a free GitHub user account, fork this repository, pick a book, find a sentence which has not been edited, and check and fix the tags. Then, submit a pull request.

POS tags

This text uses the Perseus project's POS tags (read about them here.)

1: part of speech

n	noun
v	verb
t	participle
a	adjective
d	adverb
l	article
g	particle
c	conjunction
r	preposition
p	pronoun
m	numeral
i	interjection
e	exclamation
u	punctuation

2: person

1	first person
2	second person
3	third person

3: number

s	singular
p	plural
d	dual

4: tense

p	present
i	imperfect
r	perfect
l	pluperfect
t	future perfect
f	future
a	aorist

5: mood

i	indicative
s	subjunctive
o	optative
n	infinitive
m	imperative
p	participle

6: voice

a	active
p	passive
m	middle
e	medio-passive

7: gender

m	masculine
f	feminine
n	neuter

8: case

n	nominative
g	genitive
d	dative
a	accusative
v	vocative
l	locative

9: degree

c	comparative
s	superlative

For example, the postag for the noun "a)/ndra" is "n-s---ma-", which corresponds to the following features:

1: n noun 2: - 3: s singular 4: - 5: - 6: - 7: m masculine 8: a accusative 9: -


The MIT License (see LICENSE). The Greek text is public domain, Marchant's Xenophontis opera omnia (Oxford's OCT, 1904).


A human–editable version of a POS–tagged text of Xenophon's Anabasis




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