Texts retrieved from Heimskrinla.no for easy use with cltk!
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Classic Texts from Old Norse Litterature


Texts retrieved from heimskrinla.no for easy use with cltk!


Of course, texts are in public domain due to their age, but please look at http://heimskringla.no/wiki/Heimskringla.no:Copyright for the credit to Heimskringla. So, as soon as you use the texts here, you should mention Heimskringla and the authors of the texts.

Available texts:

  • Eddukvæði, Poetic Edda, Elder Edda, Sæmundar Edda https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poetic_Edda

    • Alvíssmál (In Codex Regius)
    • Atlakviða
    • Atlamál in grænlenzku
    • Baldrs draumar
    • Dráp Niflunga
    • Fafnismál
    • Grímnismál (In Codex Regius)
    • Gróttasöngr
    • Guðrúnarhvöt
    • Hamðismál
    • Helreið Brynhildar
    • Hymiskviða (In Codex Regius)
    • Hyndluljóð
    • Hárbarðsljóð (In Codex Regius)
    • Hávamál (In Codex Regius)
    • Lokasenna (In Codex Regius)
    • Oddrúnarkviða
    • Rígsþúla
    • Sigrdrífumál
    • Skírnismál (In Codex Regius)
    • Vafþrúðnismál (In Codex Regius)
    • Völundarkviða (In Codex Regius)
    • Völuspá (In Codex Regius)
    • þrymskviða (In Codex Regius)
  • Snorra Edda in Old Norse, Prose Edda, Younger Edda or Snorri's Edda https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prose_Edda

    • Prologus
    • Gylfaginning
    • Háttatal
    • Skáldskaparmál

POS annotations

The tagset is available at http://nlp.cs.ru.is/pdf/Tagset.pdf

God names are like person names.

Annotated texts:

  • Völuspá

Be careful! POS tagged texts were annotated by a non-specialist and were not checked by 'peer' review.