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SemEval-2018 Task 5


This repository contains the code for the SemEval-2018 task 5 Counting Events and Participants within Highly Ambiguous Data covering a very long tail.

For general information on this task and to join as a participant, please visit our Codalab competition site:

The code distribution of this task consists of the following:


Filip Ilievski (

Marten Postma (


The pilot is described in Section 7 of our proposal.

Following the conceptual division in the proposal text, the task implementation is divided into two parts:

  1. The folder EventRegistries contains the data preparation scripts and data (described in Section 4.1 of the proposal)
  2. The folder QuestionCreation creates questions based on the data in 1. and generates question stats (as described in Section 5.3 of our proposal)

1) EventRegistries

As we describe in Section 7 of the proposal, in our pilot we only use the GVA data to create questions. However, we have also crawled and inspected the data from the FireRescue1 database.

1.1) GunViolenceArchive (GVA)

The main script that crawls all frames from the GVA database, and all corresponding articles from is This script also normalizes the incident locations to Wikipedia URIs and detects the DCT of a document. It uses two helper scripts: where many functions are implemented, and where we define a set of object-oriented classes.

Overview of the directories in the GVA folder:

  • frames/ contains the extracted structured data from the GVA website, stored in pandas Dataframes
  • the_violent_corpus/ contains all documents that are used in this task, crawled from
  • inspection_scripts_and_notebooks/ contains a set of scripts and Python notebooks that are primarily used to analyze various aspects of the data. Most importantly, Stats.ipynb generates stats (e.g. number of incidents per state) and Verify_sources.ipynb is used to verify that the incident information is found in an article.
  • archive/ contains scripts that try to automatically archive websites in
  • locations/ contains scripts that automatically link locations to wikipedia URIs
  • cache_data/ contains caches that are used to improve the data, e.g. with respect to document creation times
  • GVDB/ and logs/ are not shown on github. The former deals with the annotations from the Gun Violence Database, while the latter contains various logs of the crawler.

1.2) FireRescue1

The data is crawled with the Python Notebook file Crawler.ipynb, it is stored in firerescue.pickle, and we analyze it in Inspect.ipynb.

2) QuestionCreation

The main question creation notebooks are CreateQ.ipynb and Stats.ipynb, which create questions and generate per-question statistics. These rely on the classes in and the utility scripts:,, and

Other notable notebooks are Participant.ipynb and Location check.ipynb, which inspect the ambiguity that might occur with the participants and the locations in the data.