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Library for converting between FoLiA and NAF
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Python library and command-line tools for converting between FoLiA and NAF.


To clone this repository and install, do:

  • $ git clone
  • $ cd NAFFoLiAPy
  • $ python3 install

You may want to use python2 for Python 2.7 and you may need to include sudo if you want to install the package globally. We recommend using a Python virtualenv though. Create and activate one as follows prior to executing the above steps:

  • $ virtualenv --python=python3 naffoliaenv
  • $ . naffoliaenv/bin/activate

Alternatively, use a python distribution like Anaconda.

NAF to FoLiA

The following conversions are currently supported by naf2folia:

  • Raw text
  • Token and terms
    • No support yet for multi-token terms!
    • Offset information is preserved in the conversion
  • Part-of-Speech
    • NAF's morphosyntactic feature (morphofeat) is converted as a second type of part-of-speech (different set).
  • Lemmas
  • Lexical semantic senses (wordnet external references in NAF)
    • In NAF these are external references on the terms
    • Conversion to FoLiA senses is only supported for known resources.
    • Nested external references are expressed using FoLiA's feature mechanism.
  • Named Entities
    • External references in NAF's entities layer are converted as FoLiA alignments.
  • Markables
    • Are converted to FoLiA entities
    • External references in NAF's markables layer are converted as FoLiA alignments
  • Co-references and events as co-references
  • Chunks
  • Semantic roles and predicates
    • External references on predicate level (usually to framenet) are converted to FoLiA senses
  • Dependency relations
  • Time expressions
    • Time expressions are converted to FoLiA entities
  • Sentiment analysis (opinion layer)
  • Metadata
    • FoLiA's native metadata scheme is used to convert the information in NAF's fileDesc and public element.
    • Information from the linguistic preprocessors is not converted yet.

Anything not listed is not yet supported. The tool attempts to warn whenever it encounters something it can not (yet) convert as much as possible, but this is not guaranteed.

FoLiA to NAF

The following conversions are currently supported by folia2naf:

  • Raw text (created from tokens)
  • Words to text and terms
    • NAF's possibility of capturing multi-tokens not taken into account
    • offset and length are derived from string and space information
    • Part-of-speech:
      • taken from pos element: NAF's morphofeat = FoLiA's pos class, NAF's pos = FoLiA's pos head
    • Lemmas
    • Chunks
    • Entities
    • Dependencies

Anything not listed is not yet supported

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