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File Descriptions:

[1. Command line JAVA application]

  • (java source file)
  • dataset (raw data sets)
  • ojdbc6.jar (JDBC driver)

[2. Web interface for timetable planning]

  • timetable.php (web interface for user to access)
  • TimetablePlanner_files (directory containing neccessary css and javascript file for .php file)

[3. Other files]

  • manual.pdf (user manual for command and operation references)
  • README.txt (this file)

Compile Method:

Under UNIX environment (not Windows), type: javac

Execute Method:

[For JAVA application] After compilation, type: java -classpath ./ojdbc6.jar:./ CourseEnrollmentSystem

[For web interface] place them in the public_html file of our group server, type "" in the internet browser