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Kick start the development of a website or web application. Hit the ground running with pre-configured Gulp tasks, linter configurations, a sensible directory structure and default meta files.

Getting Started

Please refer to the Kickoff Wiki for installation and usage instructions.

  1. Features
  2. Getting Started
  3. Directory Structure
  4. Organising Assets
  5. Public Directory
  6. Linting
  7. Gulp Tasks

Twig Template Compilation

You can use Kickoff to quickly start building out frontend templates. The use of Twig allows you to organise your templates into partials etc.

Use the --compileTemplates flag on the gulp, gulp production and gulp watch commands to ensure your templates within the templates directory are compiled and output to the public directory.

Compile your templates manually using the gulp compile-templates task.

Note: Directories that start with an underscore _ will be ignored and their contents will not be compiled.

Kickoff Installer

Check out the Kickoff Installer package for a convenient way to start new web projects, with or without Kickoff.

Feedback and Contributions

If you make use of this project please let us know; we'd love to hear if it has helped you and your team. If you have any suggestion or find any bugs please open a pull request or submit an issue.


A project boilerplate to help you kick-start the development of a website or web application.



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