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A composer-based installer to help you start new projects from the command line
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Kickoff Installer

Kick start the development of your new website or web application. Hit the ground running with pre-configured Gulp tasks, linter configurations, a sensible directory structure and default meta files.


The Kickoff Installer requires the PHP package manager. Visit the Composer website for instructions on how to install it on your system.

Once you have Composer installed, you will need to require the installer as a global dependency:

composer global require "club/kickoff-installer"

Make sure that you've added the composer bin directory (~/.composer/vendor/bin or similar) to your PATH, otherwise your system will not be able to find the installer.

A quick Google search should help you find out how to add to your PATH. If you use fish shell it's as easy as running set --universal fish_user_paths $fish_user_paths ~/.composer/vendor/bin in your terminal.

Framework Support

The installer supports the following frameworks:

It is built so you can easily add support for additional frameworks/platforms without much fuss.

Kickoff + CraftCMS Usage Example

Create a new project directory and navigate into it:

$ mkdir my-new-site && cd my-new-site

then run:

$ kickoff new CraftCms

This will download and install Kickoff, followed by CraftCMS and then configure the default CraftCMS install to work with Kickoff – including updating the default directory structure.

Clean Installs

If you would rather omit Kickoff and get you a clean install of the framework/platform you can use the --clean option.


$ kickoff new CraftCms --clean

Custom Configuration

Each framework installer has it's own configuration. If you would like to make changes to the default settings you can use the config command. This will generate a configuration file (kickoff.json) for the specified framework installation script.

An example use case would be configuring the directory structure of a CraftCMS installation. Running kickoff config CraftCms would generate the necessary config file, which you can then customise to your individual needs.

Remember, you need to run kickoff config framework-name and make your changes before running kickoff new framework-name.


Inspired by Laravel and the Laravel Installer.


  • Have kickoff new CraftCms --clean command restructure directories if a config file is present
  • Add support for a skeleton Symfony application
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