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02. Getting Started

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Installation Options

There are a number of ways to start using Kickoff.

Kickoff Installer

Check out the Kickoff Installer package for a convenient way to start new web projects. You can even use it with or without Kickoff.


If you don't want to use Kickoff Installer, we recommend adding the following alias to your prompt instead:

function kickoff() {
    echo "Cloning Kickoff repository..."
    git clone .
    echo "Removing .git directory..."
    rm .git -r -f
    echo "Done. Happy coding!"

When you start a new project, just open a terminal window, type kickoff and hit return and the alias will pull in this repository to the current directory and then remove the repo's .git folder; allowing you to immediately initialise a new Git repository for your project without any faff.

Manually (via Git)

Use Git to clone the contents of this repo into your project directory:

git clone .

Once the clone has completed, you will probably want to remove the .git directory and initialise a new repo.

Manually (via download)

You can download this repo as a .zip file and manually copy the files to your project directory. However, please make sure that all hidden dot files (.gitignore etc.) are copied too.

Post Install Steps

Regardless of your chosen installation method, once you have Kickoff in place you will need to run yarn or npm install in order to pull in the dependencies for the preconfigured Gulp tasks.

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