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Stop Motion Animation in a Web Browse


I created this app because I wanted a better free/open-source option for creating stop motion animation for MacOS. While looking at my options for how to build it I decided to go further and make it cross platform by having it built on NodeJS and run in a regular web-browser that supports WebRTC web cameras. This means my kids can use it too :-).


  • Management of projects / takes (New, Open, Copy, Delete)
  • 2 virtual screens
  • Viewing and capturing from 2 cameras configured per virtual screen
  • Configurable resolution (360p, 720p, or 1080p)
  • Configurable frame-rate (8, 12, 24, 30, or 60)
  • Insert and Remove frames
  • Adding notes to frames for planning
  • Auto-save take with every change, new frame, removed frame, etc
  • Overlay previous frame with configurable transparency (Onion Skinning) per virtual screen
  • Switch screen to live playback per virtual screen
  • Pause and step forward and backward a frame in playback per virtual screen
  • Render to H.264 MP4 using FFMpeg

Coming "Soon"

  • Importing external images for frames
  • Integrated frame editing in Gimp
  • Marking screen to plan movement between frames
  • Multiple planning/storyboard layers for more per frame planning
  • Rotoscoping layers
  • Prepackaged builds with wrapper apps for MacOS and Windows
  • Possibly sound layers starting at frames for roughing out soundtrack and lip-sync using sox


  • Install node and npm. See NodeJS.
  • Clone this git repo
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm start
  • Point your browser at http://localhost:54321.
  • When prompted allow access to your web cameras


The config is managed in config/config.json.

The primary thing you may want to change is the takesDir that points to the rood directory to store all of your takes.

If you are not using the tools builds from this repo you need to setup tools.ffmpeg pointing to your install of FFMpeg.

You may also need to change the port if the default collides with something already running on your machine.


You will want to have the latest version of your favorite browser installed. I've using Chrome but I have tried it out with Firefox.

Everything from the Instalation.

If you are not wanting to use the tools builds from the repo you will need to grab FFMpeg.

Open Source License

See LICENSE.txt.


Stop Motion Animation in a Web Browser




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