Renders GPX files in Postscript.
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Visualize your GPS traces without any pesky maps getting in the way


Given a directory full of .gpx files and a bounding box, gpx2ps will render them as a postscript file written to STDOUT.


usage: [-h] [--inputdir INPUTDIR] [--fgcolor FGCOLOR]
                 [--bgcolor BGCOLOR]
                 [--autofit | --bbox MINLAT,MINLON,MAXLAT,MAXLON | --center LAT,LON]
                 [--radius RADIUS] [--title TITLE] [--fontsize FONTSIZE]
                 [--thinfont THINFONT] [--boldfont BOLDFONT]
                 [--landscape | --portrait]

In goes the GPX, out goes the PS

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --inputdir INPUTDIR   Directory that contains gpx files
  --fgcolor FGCOLOR     Foreground color in #RRGGBB format
  --bgcolor BGCOLOR     Background color in #RRGGBB format
  --autofit             Automatically crop output to fit data
                        Crop output to fit within this bounding box
  --center LAT,LON      Center output on this point. Use with --radius
  --radius RADIUS       Radius of area to include in output. Use with --center
  --title TITLE         Optional map title. Can be in the format 'Thin Text
                        [Bold Text]' for two sets of contrasting text weights
  --fontsize FONTSIZE   Font size in points
  --thinfont THINFONT   Postscript name of font to use for thin text. Default:
  --boldfont BOLDFONT   Postscript name of font to use for bold text. Default:
  --landscape           Print in landscape mode. Default.
  --portrait            Print in portrait mode