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Restores should_create functionality to shoulda.
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Restores should_create functionality to shoulda.

I like using should_create and friends to make assertions about records coming and going in the database.

Shoulda did, but doesn't any more. With this, it can again.

Some ideological dispute, I guess. I complained to one of the thoughtbot guys, and he said “that's the joy of open source, you can build your own”. Well, here it is.


context 'POST to :create' do
  setup { post :create, :email => '', :name => 'Bob Dobbs' }
  # simple usage
  should_create :user

  # asserting records are neither created nor destroyed
  should_not_change_record_count_of :blog_posts

  # asserting a change in some state other than simple row count
  should_change("number of Bobs", :by => 1){ User.where("name ILIKE '%bob%'").count }

  # the subject can be a class rather than a symbol:
  should_create Audited::Adapters::ActiveRecord::Audit

  # ... or it can be a table name: (remember to pluralize)
  should_create 'audits'

  # the to can be a proc: (when using factories and ids are not known at context setup time)
  should_change('the user group', :to => lambda{ }){ @user.reload.group_id }


shoulda_create is released under the MIT license:

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