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What is freq?
freq is a simple Perl script to analyze how many times people have logged
in.  That's all it does.  There are a few command line options that you
can use for sorting the results.  Check the man page.

freq comes with documentation in two formats - a man page and a rotfl
page.  rotfl is a simple text formatting language and an interpreter
for that language that I also wrote.  For more information, see the
rotfl web page:

What is required?
freq requires a Perl interpreter to work.  I test and develop on 5.8.3.  I
know that freq will not work on Perl 4.  Older version of freq were
developed on 5.005_03, which may still work.

freq has been found to work on the following systems:

   - FreeBSD 5.2.x
   - Linux of all varieties
   - NEXTSTEP 3.3
   - IRIX 6.5.11m

In addition, there is varying support for other UNIX-based systems.  The
following worked at one time or another:

   - SunOS
   - AIX 4.3.2, 4.2.1, 3.2.5
   - DEC UNIX 4.0
   - IRIX 6.2

If you would like to see freq working on your favorite UNIX-based 
operating system, please send me an email (address at the bottom of this
file) so we can talk about how your lastlog is formatted.

If you find freq to work on any other operating systems (or distributions)
please send me an email so it can be added to the list.

How do I install freq?
Read the INSTALL file that came with this archive.

Who is responsible?
freq is maintained by Chris Lumens <>.  Patches and
ideas are welcome.