A CGI webapp to receive image uploads and display them.
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Upload images and view them.

pictureframe consists of 3 files: submit.html, pictureframe.cgi, and pictureframe_viewer.cgi.

submit.html is a simple form page to upload an image (mandatory) as well as an optional message and name from submitter.

pictureframe.cgi receives the form data from submit.html in the multipart encoded POST request. The users name, message, and the name of the picture are stored in an SQLite3 database at the location supplied by the user.

pictureframe_viewer.cgi queries the SQLite3 database for a picture that hasn't been displayed yet and is shown in a fullscreen browser view. The user must supply the correct password in the URI query string to access the pictures.


Ensure that sqlite3 and libexif -dev libraries are installed on your OS. Twitter's bootstrap CSS should also be installed in your webservers directory. If not, copy the bootstrap.css file in this repo to /css/ in your webservers root directory.

git clone https://github.com/cluoma/pictureframe
cd pictureframe

# Edit variables in Makefile as appropriate
# Ensure that your webserver has read/write access to supplied directories
nano Makefile

cp submit.html <webserver docroot>/
cp pictureframe.cgi <webserver docroot>/cgi-bin/
cp pictureframe_viewer.cgi <webserver docroot>/cgi-bin/