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Bare-bones clusterdock topology
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nodebase topology for clusterdock

This repository houses the nodebase topology for clusterdock.


Assuming you've already installed clusterdock (if not, go read the docs), you use this topology by cloning it to a local folder and then running commands with the clusterdock script:

$ git clone
$ clusterdock start topology_nodebase
2017-08-04 09:10:33 AM clusterdock.models   INFO     Starting cluster on network (cluster) ...
2017-08-04 09:10:33 AM clusterdock.models   INFO     Starting node node-1.cluster ...
2017-08-04 09:10:33 AM clusterdock.models   INFO     Starting node node-2.cluster ...
2017-08-04 09:10:34 AM clusterdock.models   INFO     Cluster started successfully (total time: 00:00:01.547).

To see full usage instructions for the start action, use -h/--help:

$ clusterdock start topology_nodebase -h
usage: clusterdock start [-h] [--node-disks map] [--always-pull]
                         [--namespace ns] [--network nw] [-o sys] [-r url]
                         [--nodes node [node ...]]

Start a nodebase cluster

positional arguments:
  topology              A clusterdock topology directory

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --always-pull         Pull latest images, even if they're available locally
                        (default: False)
  --namespace ns        Namespace to use when looking for images (default:
  --network nw          Docker network to use (default: cluster)
  -o sys, --operating-system sys
                        Operating system to use for cluster nodes (default:
  -r url, --registry url
                        Docker Registry from which to pull images (default:

nodebase arguments:
  --node-disks map      Map of node names to block devices (default: None)

Node groups:
  --nodes node [node ...]
                        Nodes of the nodes group (default: ['node-1',
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