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Cluster Innovation Centre's Month of Code

Cluster Innovation Centre's Month of Code, CMoC for short, is an online coding program organised by HashInclude, IT Society of Cluster Innovation Centre to celebrate open source, as well as guide students for the Google's Annual Programme, Google Summer of Code.

All the selected students along with their allotted projects can be found here:


10 January- 18 January Mentor Registration
20 January 21 January Final Mentor List displayed
20 January 21 January - 28 January Student Registration
01 February - 13 February First half of coding period and distribution of resources for GSoC
14 February Mid-Term evaluation and Valentine's day surprize!
15 February - 28 February Second half of coding period and further mentoring for GSoC
01 March - 05 March Wrap up weekend with release of best performances, and an ending note


The objectives of this program are,

• Introduce students to Free and Open Source Software.

• Inculcate good coding habits in the students.

• Teach the students about the required tools, such as GitHub.

• Connect students to experienced GSoC developers who act as a mentor and guide them during this one month.

• Preparing them for the Google Summer of Code!

• To revive or rejuvenate open source projects.


The mentor manual can be found here .
The student manual can be found here


Mentor Registration closed!

Student Registration closed!

List of Projects available

Mentor Project 1 Project 2 Project 3
Ankit Jain Open Chat (PHP) Social Media Review Platform (PHP) Code Pad (PHP)
Yash Nisar Coala Bears (Python, JAVA, C) Coala (Python)
Carlos Toxtli Account Provisioning for Google Apps(Java, Android) Bots Workflow Designer(HTML, JavaScript, Python) Facebook Chat API(NodeJS)
Ankit Kumar Alchem (JAVA) Helpline Services (JAVA)
Sushil Khanchi Smvdu Algorithms (C++, C, Python, JAVA)
Dhruv Apte First Timers Guide SciRuby Examples (Ruby, Machine Learning, Natural Processing Language) Awesome Easter Eggs(General Programming)
Pranit Bauva Git (Shell, C)
Athitya Kumar DashVis (Rails, Ruby on Rails) Coloris(Ruby) TV Series(Ruby)
Himanshu Kumar Address Validation (JavaScript) Oxnary(JavaScript) Vessel Tracking(JavaScript)
Aniq Ur Rahman Meme Retrieval Engine(Python, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Shell Scripting)
Pritom Mazumdar Password Storage(JAVA, Android) Profile Changer(JAVA, Android) GPS(JAVA, Android)
Meet Udeshi Fast Playlist(JavaScript, HTML) Fractal Creator(Python)
Alexey Bokov Project not yet updated
Sangi Naveen Kumar PiZilla(Express, ReactJS) muZic(Node.js, electron, React.js, Redux) Mentor's list of repositories
Kenneth Benoit Quanteda(Machine Learning, R) readtext(Quanteda, R, Text Encoding)
Siddharth Kannan Rubik's Cube Timer of Command Line(NodeJS) cutouts(Ruby, Ruby on Rails) Awesome Social Science(Social Science)
Nikhil Kumar Singh PDF Audio Reader(Python)
Mayank Gupta Alchem(JAVA, SQL)
Ashris Choudhury ArchDraw(p5js, jsfeat) Sky of Thoughts(HTML, JavaScript)
Mazbaul Alam Projectv(LARAVEL, PHP) Event Reservation(JavaScript, JSON) Online Learning and Course Management System(JavaScript, JSON)
Iury de Oliveira Gomes Figueiredo Sukhoi(Python) vy(Python) crocs(Python)
Abhinav Jain Mentor's list of repositories(Machine Learning, Python, Data Science, PHP, JavaScript)
Raphael Carubbi Neto Carrubi.Cards(C#) Carrubi.Components(C#) Carrubi.Package Tracker(C#)
Durgesh Project not yet updated
Prateek Chanda Code, Sleep, Python(Python)
Amar Lakshya focusTV(OpenCV, Python) Workstation(HTML)
Adnan Kičin BuVRek(Three.js, A-Frame) Kirbas 100000(HTML, JavaScript) Hadith of The Day(Python, Webextension)
Raghav Dua Solium(Blockchain, JavaScript, Solidity, Ethereum)
Samundra Khatri Thekdar(JavaScript) Packception(NodeJS) Application Development Kit(PHP)
Ashish Waghmare Udhari(Java, Android)
Ashutosh Trivedi Voice Chain(Blockchain) Minimum Feedback Vertex Set(Genetic Algorithm) ABMS Panic Evacuation(JAVA)
Kuldeep Pisda angularClientDjango(TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML) Django Server for Angular Client (Python)
Mario García Community Event Platform(CSS, JavaScript) Math Function(Python)
Sepand Haghighi CSV2YAML(Python, JSON, YAML, Pickle) CSV2Latex(Python, Latex) Telecheck(Python)
Mohamed Ahmed Rashad Simplex(C) Donne(Android, JAVA) RoboX(Java, Robotics)
Abhay Rana / Nemo Standalone API for IFSC Codes(JSON, Ruby) IFSC Codes Repository(Ruby, PHP) Concierge(AVS, PHP, Networking)
Mubaris NK Curiosity(JavaScript, CSS) Urban Robot(Python) Aurora(GO Programming Language)
Vinay Khobragade Surface(PHP) React Native Firebase Authentication(Redux) Meetings Manager(PHP)
Sébastien Celles ExtensibleScheduler(Julia) DataReaders(Julia)
Vipul Goyal Alchem(Java)
Nikhil Mishra bnb2018(MEAN Stack)
Pankaj Baranwal PassBrow(JS) Whatsapp ImagePicker(Android) Precisely (Android, Data Analytics, Machine Learning)
Utkarsh Mittal rough2CAD(Python, Image processing) eModules(Android)