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Clusto is an infrastructure organization tool.

You've got infrastructure. Lots of it. You've got racks, servers, switches, smart PDUs, web clusters, virtual machines, and databases, all housed in multiple colocation facilities. You need a way to keep track of your inventory, where it is, and how it's connected, and you want to manage it with simple tools.

Clusto can help. With Clusto, you can represent your infrastructure using a number of pre-defined types (racks, servers, switches, etc) or you can define your own types in a simple Python framework. You can interact with your infrastructure using the included command-line tools or a browser-friendly web interface. You can write your own tools using the clusto Python library or an HTTP/REST API.

Clusto comes with Drivers to support the following types of hardware:

  • Datacenter
  • Rack
  • Server
  • Switch
  • PDU
  • Virtual machines (KVM, Xen, and EC2)
  • and more...

Clusto is bundled with tools to help you manage your infrastructure:

  • List hardware
  • Get information about hardware
  • Automatically discover newly added hosts
  • Power-cycle via smart PDU
  • Serve DHCP based on information stored in clusto
  • and more...


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