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Server component for Clutch Framework and Clutch A/B Testing.
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README.rst is two projects:

  • Native A/B testing for iOS and Android
  • A toolkit for developing hybrid native/HTML applications for iOS

You may be interested in one or the other, but this project is the server component for both projects.


  • Python 2.6 or Greater
  • PostgreSQL (including the required headers to compile psycopg2)
  • libevent 2.0.20
  • S3 Account (for hybrid native/html application framework ONLY)

Installing and Running

Before you get started, make sure all of the prerequisites are installed and that PostgreSQL is running. Now we need to create a Clutch user and database:

createuser -s clutch

createdb -E utf8 --owner=clutch clutch

Next we need to install Clutch:

easy_install clutchserver

Now we will generate a configuration file used to setup ports and such:

clutch-config >

You can check the configuration defaults provided by clutch-config and decide whether they are right for your setup. For most people, the defaults should be just fine. When you're ready, let's start up the server:


That's it, you're now running! Visit to see it in action.

More Documentation


Local Documentation

To generate a local copy of the above documentation, first check out this repo:

git clone

Make sure you have Sphinx installed so that you can generate the docs:

easy_install Sphinx==1.1.3

Now change to the docs directory and make the docs

cd clutch/docs make html

Finally, open the docs:

open _build/html/index.html


Travis-CI Badge

To run the tests, generate a test configuration file using clutch-config like above, but instead of using clutch-all to run it, use clutch-test:


This is one area where this project could use a lot of help. If you're interested in contributing, helping out by improving our test coverage is a great place to start!

More Discussion

If you have a question, an idea, or just want to join the discussion about Clutch, please join us on our mailing list:!forum/clutchio

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