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This file is for anyone working on integrating CoffeeLint with another project.

What kinds of things can I build?

CoffeeLint is exposed as a library that you could use in build tools, or in the browser. Anywhere you can run Javascript. You can also build your own rules, or custom reporter.

CoffeeLint is also a command line tool, so most non-javascript integrations run that and parse the output. There are built in reporters for csv, jslint, checkstyle, and raw.

Which version of CoffeeLint should I depend on?

CoffeeLint follows Semantic Versioning, so any breaking change to the API will be a major version change. I recommend depending on ^1.x where x is the current version.

How do I list my editor/build plugin on uses gh-pages, just send a pull request with your addition and it'll get reviewed. The list of plugins is in index-bottom.html. rake updatehtml will regenerate index.html with your changes.

How can people find my rule?

All rules need to include the coffeelintrule. directs users to to locate available rules.

Does my rule need to be built into CoffeeLint?

Built in rules use the same APIs as 3rd party rules. The only benefit of built in rules is that they get included with CoffeeLint and are exposed to a wider audience. Most new rules are set to ignore by default. My general guide line is that if you can demonstrate the rule prevents a type of error it can be warn or error by default. I think no_debugger is a good example of such a rule.