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module.exports = class NoImplicitParens
name: 'no_implicit_parens'
level: 'ignore'
message: 'Implicit parens are forbidden'
strict: true
description: '''
This rule prohibits implicit parens on function calls.
<code># Some folks don't like this style of coding.
myFunction a, b, c
# And would rather it always be written like this:
myFunction(a, b, c)
Implicit parens are permitted by default, since their use is
idiomatic CoffeeScript.
tokens: ['CALL_END']
lintToken: (token, tokenApi) ->
if token.generated
unless tokenApi.config[].strict is false
return true
# If strict mode is turned off it allows implicit parens when
# the expression is spread over multiple lines.
i = -1
t = tokenApi.peek(i)
sameLine = t[2].first_line is token[2].first_line
genCallStart = t[0] is 'CALL_START' and t.generated
if not t? or genCallStart and sameLine
return true
# If we have not found a CALL_START token that is generated,
# and we've moved into a new line, this is fine and should
# just return.
if not sameLine
return null
i -= 1