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space around operators #14

michaelficarra opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Michael Ficarra Matt Perpick
Michael Ficarra

All operators should have whitespace around them.

a | b # good
a|b # bad
Matt Perpick

Cool. I like it. Stay tuned.

Michael Ficarra

Just binary operators or unary word operators. Unary symbols, in contrast, should not have space between them and their operand.

Matt Perpick

Give this a whirl. It turns up a few cases of CoffeeScript's source.

It's a bit hackey though. It crudely ignores + tokens inside of interpolations and extended regexes (though it sort of has to guess at what these are). To get it 100% right, I think the CoffeeScript lexer would have to be tweaked to mark the interpolation + tokens it inserts as generated, then I could easily ignore them.

Matt Perpick clutchski closed this
Michael Ficarra

@clutchski: I bet we'd happily accept a pull request that marks those tokens as generated.

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