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## cisco_ssapi
-A Python API to Cisco's SSAPI (Smart Support Web Services API)
+A Python API to Cisco's EOX (Smart Support Web Services API)
Cisco provides a SOAP API to EOX data through their Smart Support Web Services
API. This cisco_ssapi module provides a Python wrapper around that interface to
make it easy to retrieve EOX data from Cisco from Python.
+### Requirements
+As of v0.7 this module requires the suds module.
### Installation
Install like any other Python module: `sudo python install`
@@ -15,8 +18,13 @@ command line.
Example script usage:
-* `get_eox_by_dates -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -s 05/21/2010 -e 05/28/2010`
-* `get_eox_by_serial -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD CAM09112822`
+* `get_eox -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD`
+* `get_eox_products -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD`
+* `get_eox_by_dates -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -s 2010-05-21 -e 2010-05-28`
+* `get_eox_by_oid -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -h hardwareType OID1 OID2 ...`
+* `get_eox_by_product -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD prodID1 prodID2 ...`
+* `get_eox_by_sw -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -o osType sw1 sw2 ...`
+* `get_eox_by_serial -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD serial1 serial2 ...`
Look into the cisco_ssapi/ for the source to these scripts and as
examples on using the API directly.
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