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Changes since 1.99.0
* Ensure that 1.0 and 2.0 are parallel installable
Changes since 1.4.0
* Prevent warnings from MxImage by not closing the pixbuf loader before
calling g_object_unref.
* Honor the disabled property in MxToggle.
* Prevent warnings when using MxAction with glib 2.28.
* Various cleanups in MxTable
* MxKineticScrollView: correctly clamp to the center
* Conditionally disable code that depends on X11
* create-image-cache: use dynamic memory allocation for paths
* notebook: add methods for switching to previous and next page
* menu: add the possibility for a MxMenu to be scrolled
* Add drag-start/drag-stop signals to MxSlider
* Expose mx_border_image_equal
* Implement the MxFocusable interface on MxToggle
* Remove mx-gtk library
Fixed Bugs (from
#2686 - Crash in xsettings_notify_func() due to NULL setting
#2614 - Document the need for ClutterGesture for MxScrollView gestures
#2464 - MxBoxLayout could have convenience functions for vertical and
horizontal layouts
Changes since 1.3.2
* Add new testing applications for widgets and containers
* Prevent the cursor from being stuck as an I beam after selecting text in
* Add "state" and "clamp-to-center" properties for MxKineticScrollView
* Add tooltips for MxEntry icons
* Allow highlight icons for MxEntry icons
* Fix a painting issue with MxScrollBar and clipped redraws
* Add "show-tooltip" property to MxLabel to show a tooltip when the text does
not fit in the current allocated size.
Fixed Bugs (from
#2685 - stylable/listview: fix some memory leaks
#2682 - No tooltip for icons in MxEntry
Changes since 1.3.1
* Implement the get_paint_volume virtual function on MxWidget and
MxTextureFrame to enable clipped redraws and automatic culling.
* Allow building from git without gtk-doc
* MxEntry: Implement Unicode input mode
* Implement the GAction interface on MxAction
* MxApplication: Add a function to call a remote action with a parameter
Fixed Bugs (from
#2680 - kinetic-scroll-view: Respect MxAdjustment::clamp-values
#2683 - MxStack preferred width and height use hidden children
#2684 - Mx doesn't work with multi-driver Cogl builds
Changes since 1.3.0
* MxKineticScrollView: lower the minimum value of deceleration to 1.01
* MxKineticScrollView: add "clamp-duration", "clamp-mode" and
"acceleration-factor" properties
* Optimised the painting of MxImage
* MxStack: add a "crop" child property
* Implement the MxFocusable interface on MxMenu
* MxComboBox: Open the menu when return key is pressed
* MxMenu: close the menu when escaped is pressed, or focus moved elsewhere
* Use xz compressed distribution tarballs by default
* MxSlider: prevent the handle position from being changed while the user is
dragging it
Fixed Bugs (from
#2674 - Build fixes for Windows
#2675 - Many introspection annotations are missing
#2678 - Bump dependency on clutter 1.4
Changes since 1.2.0
* Various performance optimisations and bug fixes
* Add a remove_all() method to MxComboBox
Fixed Bugs (from
#2666 - image: Allow a transition duration of 0ms
#2663 - Fix compiler warnings
#2662 - MxActorManger: unparent container before removing children
#2646 - Fix walking of children in MxBoxLayout
#2645 - Warnings when destroying an MxEntry while mouse pointer is over it.
#2671 - MxImage memory corruption when blitting textures
Changes since 1.1.12
* Update sizes in Gtk light switch
* Add scroll-policy support to MxKineticScrollView
* Don't swallow all button events in MxWidget
* Fix MxKineticScrollView when :use-captured is FALSE
* Change the default step-increment in MxAdjustment to 1.0
* Fix many compiler warnings
* Allow overriding of the system icon theme
* Add tooltip delay property to MxWidget
* Fix MxOffscreen incorrect aspect ratio
Fixed Bugs (from
#2653 - test-mx on OSX seems to be broken
#2578 - add "scroll-policy" property to MxKineticScrollView
#2658 - The background looks wrong when MxDialog has a stage as its parent
#2649 - The delay time before showing a tooltip should be settable
#2643 - [MxKineticScrollView] Disable per-actor motion events when panning
#2642 - MxGrid returns the wrong min_width_p
Changes since 1.1.11
* Apply the paint opacity to both textures correctly in MxImage
* Clarify the documentation for mx_bin_allocate_child
* Indicate in the documentation which symbols are new in 1.2
* Draw rectangles around actors when using the layout debug flag
* MxBin: don't request space for the child when it is not visible
* MxBin: hide the label when it is empty or no text has been set
* Don't animate MxToggle if it is not mapped
* Remove the hover state from MxToggle if the pointer left during a drag
* Add a function to MxImage to animate changing the scale mode
Fixed Bugs (from
#2470 - slider: propagate the "disabled" property to internal children
#2609 - don't require libmx-gtk when building libmx documentation
#2613 - Document mx_set_locale
#2618 - Add MxAdjustment::interpolation-completed signal
#2635 - Prevent glade support being enabled when --without-glade is used
#2636 - Allocate expander child using align/fill properties.
#2641 - Remove 'active' state and cancel long press on leave event
#2642 - MxGrid: compute min_width and min_height correctly
Changes since 1.1.10
* Allow arbitrary rotation angles in MxImage
* Handle loss of focus in MxFocusManager
* Handle URIs in MxTextureCache
* Allow insertion into MxTextureCache
* Allow insertion of metadata in MxTextureCache
* Many fixes and refinement of MxImage
* Fix calling clutter_actor_queue_relayout during dispose of MxOffscreen
* Add MxActorManager, to help spread the load of actor operations
* Fix MxTable get_preferred_width/height when used without for_width/height
Changes since 1.1.9
* Fix some concurrency issues with asynchronous loading in MxImage
* Fix the fullscreen GObject property setter in MxWindow
* Make the toolbar property of MxWindow writable
* Add a title property to MxWindow
* Fix handling of padding in MxBoxLayout get_preferred_width/height
* Add a use-markup property to MxLabel
* Ensure the old border-image is correctly allocated in MxWidget
* Make sure the corners of MxFadeEffect render consistently
* Fix focus issues when showing a still-hiding MxDialog
Changes since 1.1.8
* Fix MxStack not chaining up correctly, breaking background drawing
* Add a new spinner graphic that stands out better on white
* Add a 'looped' signal to the spinner
* Add a 'buffer-value' property to MxSlider
* Fix supported rotation values check in MxImage
* Ensure that the 'disabled' pseudo-state is correct in MxWidget
* Fix various styling issues in MxSlider
* Fix incorrect CFLAGS when building documentation
* Replace the per-object style cache with a per-style rule cache
Fixed bugs (from
#2577 - MxStack doesn't allow its parent to paint its background
#2456 - MxBoxLayout: notify when adjustments change
#2579 - Add last-frame / looped / something signal to MxSpinner
#2568 - build: Update introspection.m4
#2281 - mx_bin_set_child() does not work with MxScrollView
#2590 - Extra "-I" in causes fail to build from source
#2510 - Update mx types and sections files for gtk-doc
Changes since 1.1.7:
* Documentation updates and fixes
* New "image-rotation" property for MxImage
Fixed bugs (from
#2263 - Improve tooltip behavior and presentation
#2281 - mx_bin_set_child() doesn't work with MxScrollView
#2456 - MxBoxLayout: notify when the adjustments properties change
#2568 - build: Update introspection.m4
#2510 - Update mx types and sections files for gtk-doc
Changes since 1.1.6:
* New class, MxFadeEffect. This is a sub-class of ClutterOffscreenEffect
that lets you fade out the borders of actors
* Label supports a 'fade-out' property that instructs it to fade out at the
end of the line instead of ellipsizing
Fixed bugs (from
#2560 - MxTable: clutter_container_add does not update row/column count
Changes since 1.1.5:
* Label supports a linewrap property that proxies through to the internal
* MxStack now supports a fit property that attempts to fix the actor into the
available space whilst respecting the actor's width-for-height or
height-for-width constraints
Fixed bugs (from
#2523 - fix DSO linking issues
#2552 - fix behaviour of --disable-gtk-widgets
Changes since 1.1.4:
* CSS debugging mode
* Interpolation in MxAdjustment now works when the value was exactly at the
* JSON files without valid properties won't cause a segfault
* Focus manager now supports a hint when pushing focus
Fixed bugs (from
#1195 - fixes to freeze/thaw behaviour
#2533 - setting custom icon causes crash on 64bit
#2532 - only requre GTK+ if not disabled
#2537 - make mx-create-image-cache only depend on gdk-pixbuf
Changes since 1.1.3:
* Bump dependency on GLib to 2.26.0 for GBinding
* Small optimisations to CSS matching
* Support multiple CSS pseudo-classes
* Add CSS selector prioritisation depending on position in stylesheet
* Add a 'clear' function to MxImage to blank the current image
* Always store the last-focused actor when moving focus
* Add asynchronous image-loading to MxImage
Changes since 1.1.2:
* Make text and label properties translatable from JSON files
* Add a 'drag-threshold' setting to MxSettings
* Don't specify #version in 1.10 GLSL shaders
* Add an 'overshoot' property to MxKineticScrollView
* Compile the blur shader in MxDialog on creation
* Fix toggling the toolbar after mapping in MxWindow
* Add functions for setting/getting window size in MxWindow
Fixed bugs (from
#2488 - button events inside kinetic scroll view
#2507 - add overshoot oeffect to MxKineticScrollView
#2208 - Fix the incorrect removal of qdata when disabling MxDroppable
#2412 - Don't try to interpolate if we get an invalid target value
#2498 - Don't assume that MxScrollables will have both adjustments
#2483 - MxIcon warning when "-mx-content-image:none;" is used
#2463 - MxWindow with disabled toolbar still shows part of the toolbar ...
#2496 - clutter_stage_set_fullscreen() only works after stage is realized
#2434 - MxWindow should have a mx_window_set_size method
Changes since 1.1.1:
* Focus hints now support direction the request came from
* MxSlider: allocate trough on pixel boundaries
* MxIcon: now supports a style property for handling the icon suffix
* MxEntry: fix shadow drawing when scrolling
Changes since 1.1.0:
* Add MxDialog, a modal, single-widget container
* MxAdjustment: fix elasticity and add a 'clamp-value' property
* MxSettings: add a 'small-screen' property
* MxBoxLayout: fix animations and child property variable definitions
* MxButton: add icon-name and icon-size properties, add an MxAction property
* MxComboBox: fix the position of the popup when transformed
* Add MxKinecticScrollView, a kinetic scrolling container widget
* MxFocusable: add a focus debug category and other various fixes
* Remove transitional mx/mx-gtk.h header
* Split out various X11 specific code so that it is possible to compile Mx
without X11
* MxSlider: add key focus support
* Add MxSpinner, a processing indicator widget
* Add MxStack, a container that allows stacking of children over each other
* MxStyle: performance improvements and other fixes
* MxTable: fix crasher when focusing an empty cell, implement raise/lower/sort
container functions.
* MxToggle: fix issues when transformed
* MxTooltip: fix position when transformed
* MxWindow: add orientation property, show/hide functions and various other
* Various other small changes and fixes
Fixed bugs (from
#2310 - Use the new CLUTTER_KEY symbols in Mx
#2179 - Tooltips should only show after a delay
#2312 - Sync style instance with internal children
#2430 - Annotate mx_icon_theme_set_search_paths' paths argument properly
#2439 - Add exported pacakges to GIRs
#2429 - Differences between MxEntry and MxLabel are not documented
#2357 - Mx should set the hover state also when the pointer is over a child
#2387 - spinner should update at the redraw priority
#2451 - [MxStack] position with pixel alignment when aligning in the middle
Changes since 1.0.0:
* Updated documentation
* Fix compilation with recent versions of GTK+
* Require GTK+ 2.20
* MxWidget: Move padding into the correct struct
* Reduce the libtool version age to indicate ABI change
* Fix GtkLightSwitch size and remove labels
* Focusable: don't accept focus on hidden actors
* Allow spacing to be set from CSS in MxTable and MxBoxLayout
* MxOffScreen: Add "redirect-enabled" property
* MxOffScreen: Add accumulation buffer capability
* MxOffScreen: Provide an accessor to the fbo
* BoxLayout: add "scroll-to-focused" property
* Add MxSettings and support for reading xsettings
* Use CoglSubtexture rather than internal subtexture implementation
* ScrollView: add shadows to the inside of a scrollview when scrolling
* Viewport: respect fill, alignment and padding properties
* Window: respect ClutterStage:user-resizable property
* Improvements to MxIconTheme
* Support pixel (px) and point (pt) font size values in CSS
* MxModalFrame: new widget to implement modal dialogs
Updated Translations:
* Turkish (Ahmet Özgür Erdemli)
* Asturian (astur)
Many thanks to:
Chris Lord
Neil Roberts
Thomas Wood
Changes since 0.99.0:
* Updated documentation
* Fix build issues with GTK+ 2.20
* Updated visual design
* Add "disabled" state support to widgets
* Implement up/down/left/right focus support
* Improved key focus management support
* Improved key focus support in table and box-layout widgets
* Prevent unwanted artifacts when resizing a texture frame beyond its
smallest dimensions
* Fix placement of combobox popup menu when near the bottom edge of the window
* Fix issues building with Clutter 1.3
* Remove some unused and undefined API
* Remove API marked as deprecated
* Optimise the border-image property so that it does not load texture
* Optimise align/fill allocations so that they do not request size information
Fixed bugs (from
#909 mx_table_find_actor_at did not use row/col span to work out where an
actor was
#896 MxTable takes hidden rows/columns into consideration when calculating
#848 Build fails as code tries to set CoglColor members (red, green, blue)
which don't exist
#702 MxWidget paints outside of its allocation if border-image geometry is
bigger than the widget size
#597 Checkbox style for MX toggle button
#345 [MxScrollView]The cross area of h bar and v bar is colored once the
scroll view is launched
#343 [MxScrollView] the function
mx_scroll_view_set_enable_mouse_scrolling() does not take effect
#1779 Memory leak in MxWidget when border-image hasn't changed
#1570 Setting a label on a mapped MxButton that has had no label previously
set results in an incorrect style
#1514 Incorrect padding on email update tile
#1201 [MxExpander] foreach() callback for expander only works when the
expander is expanded
#1200 [MxExpander] the constract_complete signal definition can be removed
#1198 MxScrollView connects to non-existent property names (due to a rename)
#1140 Unnecessary measurement causes performance issues
#1139 MxLabel doesn't ask for enough width/height when it has padding
#1138 Table: Focus can get trapped when moving right or down from a spanned
#1053 MxScrollView will show scroll-bars when they aren't necessary
#1052 Possible NULL pointer access in MxScrollView
New and updated translations:
Mexican Spanish
English (United Kingdom) (en_GB)
Korean (ko)
Italian (it)
Finnish (fi)
Polish (pl)
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
French (fr)
Chinese (China) (zh_CN)
Russian (ru)
Japanese (ja)
Many thanks to:
Chris Lord
Damien Lespiau
Evan Nemerson
José Dapena Paz
Thomas Wood
Changes since 0.9.0:
* Deprecated API has been disabled
* Rename MxSlider "progress" property to "value"
* IconTheme: look in the system and user data directories
* Set arbitrary preferred widths for ProgressBar, Slider and Entry, so that
they are useful and usable when allocated their preferred size.
* Simplify the offscreen shaders API in MxOffscreen
* Convert the MxNotebook API to be actor based, rather than index based
* Ensure that all enumeration types are namespaced properly
* MxWindow icon can now be set from a cogl texture
* Add function to retrieve the associated MxWindow from an ClutterStage
* Fix type inconsistencies in MxTableChild properties (x/y-align)
* Various updates to documentation
Updated translations:
German (de) translation (Andreas Machoy)
Many thanks to:
Thomas Wood
Chris Lord
Changes since 0.8.0:
* Further API Review. Some small changes have been made and properties
have been synchronised with their accessors.
Please see the ChangeLog or commit log for full details.
* MxMenu and MxComboBox now both use MxIcon internally, allowing the
icon size to be themed in CSS.
* MxMenu now has an -mx-spacing style property to allow custom spacing,
similar to MxComboBox.
* MxScrollView now has a function to ensure a region is visible.
* Fixed bugs:
MB#10372 - API for ensuring an actor inside mx-scroll-view is visible
MB#9672 - HD usage bar shows incorrect color in Device panel
Updated translations:
Dutch (Flemish) (nl) translation (auke)
Spanish (Castilian) (es) (tomasgalicia)
Many thanks to:
Hylke Bons
Elliot Smith
Chris Lord
Changes since 0.7.0:
* API Review completed. Lots of API has been renamed, removed or added.
Please see the ChangeLog or commit log for full details.
* Add deform textures, allowing arbitrary deformations on textures
MxDeformTexture, MxDeformPageTurn, MxDeformCloth and MxDeformBowtie
* Add MxOffscreen actor, to draw textures offscreen.
* Fixed bugs:
MB#10194 - Use the right values when setting :y-fill property
MB#9527 - table-child: Add accessors for :row and :col
MB#10054 - gtk-light-switch: adjust size request
MB#6158 - viewport: simplify the viewport allocate
MB#9936 - box-layout: Add mx_box_layout_add_actor(_with_position) functions
MB#9998 - popup: call ensure style on the children
MB#6313 - Add clutter-text properties to MxEntry and MxLabel
MB#9978 - [droppable] Don't hide the draggable before picking
MB#6159 - Add GObject Introspection annotations
MB#6308 - [box-layout] Adjust amount we need to expand for padding
MB#6467 - Add emacs mode-lines
MB#6504 - [button] Fix property enumeration names
MB#9917 - [expander] do not pass NULL to the foreach callback
MB#9680 - [label] Implement "pick" in MxLabel
MB#9842 - [button] print a warnings when using -mx-content-image with some
Updated translations:
Russian file. (Leila)
Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW) translation (zerng07)
Indonesian (id) translation (andika)
Swedish (sv) translation (A Olsson)
Many thanks to:
Adrien Bustany
Bastian Winkler
Chris Lord
Damien Lespiau
Elliot Smith
Emmanuele Bassi
Hylke Bons
Jussi Kukkonen
Owen W. Taylor
Rob Bradford
Ross Burton
Thomas Wood
Changes since 0.6.0:
* Fixes in resizable windows
* Improvements to path-bar
* Support allocating children less than their preferred size
* Use -mx prefix for custom CSS properties
* Fixed size and allocation of toggle switches
* Add -mx-border-image-transition-duration to control background cross fade
* Add a debug mode to MxTable to indicate column and rows
* Make the scrollable interface name more consistent with other interfaces
* Fixed bugs:
MB#9570 - [widget] Bug in mx_widget_set_tooltip_text
MB#9529 - [table] Calculate row_spacing correctly
MB#9346 - Memory leak in widgets implementing MxScrollable
MB#9055 - Unable to set the popup location of MxComboBox
MB#9656 - [MxListView] Missing break statement in mx_list_view_set_property
MB#9641 - [scroll-view] Fix setting scrollbar size from CSS
Many thanks to:
Bastian Winkler
Thomas Wood
Chris Lord
Rob Bradford
Evan Nemerson
Changes since 0.5.0:
* New MxWindow widget, now used by default in MxApplication
* New MxPathBar widget, implementing a bread-crumb UI
* New MxIconTheme class, to look up icons in icon themes
* Icon themes used in MxIcon and MxButton
* MxComboBox now supports icons in items
* New MxDeformTexture abstract class for custom deformed textures
* New MxDeformCloth, MxDeformBowtie, MxDeformPageTurn widgets, implementing
various deformation effects.
* Fixes to MxFocusable and MxFocusManager
* Focusable support added to MxComboBox
* Add -mx-content-image style property to specify an image for the appearance
of a button, including sizing.
* Add a text-layout-position property to MxEntry
* Plenty of other bug fixes
* Fixed bugs:
MB#9381 - [box-layout] Queue a relayout when removing a child
MB#9382 - [button-group] If the active button from a group is removed
activate another
MB#9288 - [texture-frame] Use the NEAREST filter on the CoglMaterial
MB#9146 - [entry] Emit notify signal when text of an entry changes.
MB#9287 - [stylable] Use PangoFontDescription to set the style on labels
Many thanks to:
Bastian Winkler
Chris Lord
Evan Nemerson
Rob Bradford
Thomas Wood
Changes since 0.4.0:
* Single instance, startup notification and action support added to
* Expose mx_allocate_align_fill and mx_stylable_apply_clutter_text_attributes
utility functions.
* Add gesture support for changing pages in MxNotebook.
* Fixes to various aspects of MxNotebook.
* Use interpolations in stepper animations.
* Add "popup" property to MxWidget.
* Add MxFocusable and MxFocusManager to help with focus navigation.
* Remove redundant row/column API from scroll view.
* Add preferred width and height functions to MxSlider.
* Set CSS property priorities based on load order.
* Fixed bugs:
MB#9054 - [button-group] fix incorrect parameter check in
MB#9046 - [notebook] make sure children are hidden until needed when added
MB#9028 - Position MxNotebook children relative to the parent
MB#3785 - [grid] Add raise, lower and sort depth implementations
MB#9147 - Add password-char property to MxEntry
MB#9148 - [table] Skip hidden children when calculating row and column sizes
Many thanks to:
Chris Lord
Evan Nemerson
Gustavo Noronha Silva
Rob Bradford
Thomas Wood
Changes since 0.3.0:
* New MxSlider widget (Damien Lespiau)
* New MxApplication class to manage windows and application configuration
* Experimental gesture support in MxScrollView
* Performance improvements to styling
* Fixed bugs:
MB#8892 - [css] Apply styling from parent classes to subclasses
MB#8710 - [button] only emit notify::checked when the property has changed
MB#8923 - [box-layout] Implement raise/lower/sort_depth_order
Changes since 0.2.0:
* New toolbar widget
* Convert MxBin to abstract class
* Add MxFrame as a drop-in replacement for plain instances of MxBin
* Use the i-beam insertion mouse cursor in MxEntry
* Clean up MxGrid API to be more consistent with other widgets
* Add support for font-weight property to buttons and labels
* Add animation layout support to MxBoxLayout
* Add special styling for ComboBoxes inside a toolbar
* Implement font styling in ComboBox
* Fix expander label visibility
* Add missing public headers and single include guards (Bastian Winkler)
* Clean up various references to removed functions (Bastian Winkler)
* Documentation improvements (Elliot Smith)
Changes since 0.1.0:
* Fix animation during drag and drop interaction on MxToggle
* Fix scrollbar stepper animation bugs (MB#7803)
* Fix insensitive colours in MxGtkLightSwitch (MB#7199)
* Integrate many of the tests into a single application
* Improved error reporting when loading of images or stylesheets fails
* Add MxFloatingWidget, a common base class for "always-on-top" actors, used
in tooltips and popup menus.
* Add more classes to the documentation generation
* Add a "long-press" signal to MxButton, to allow applications to handle
long-press (or "tap and hold") actions.
* Remove obsolete MxGtkExpander
Changes since 0.1.1:
* Prevent CSS debug messages when not requested
Changes since 0.1.0:
* Fix issues with hover states introduced to MxEntry by MxWidget
* Automatically generate the ChangeLog file for tarball releases
* Add ancestor matching to CSS
* Improve CSS match scoring in line with w3c specification
Initial release
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