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Contains 3 examples of varying complexity.


Each directory contains a build script with both CLI code and standard js code included. Running build.js via node (or its included cli command) will generate output.js. Browser behaviour can be tested by loading test.html in the browser (includes output.js).

Minimal Example

Simply analyses from an entry point and loads resources from a shared domain. If it works, what is required from the shared domain will be sent to alert.


npm Example

Showing basic npm integration with backbone and its underscore dependency.

 │  └───npm::underscore

Note that there are two different versions of underscore present. As per npm priority, backbone will first look for its local copy first. If underscore were to be uninstalled from backbone, then the outer one would be resolved.

This shows that multiple versions can coexist with modul8.

Simple Example

jQuery integration using arbiters for the global variable and waits for the DOM with the jQuery() function. It also contains a sample MVC application structure. That it funnels some data through.

 │  └──┬app::models/user
 │     └───app::utils/validation

If it works, data is passed from model/user via validation down to app::app, and to prove that the domloader works with arbiters, it outputs the result in a dom element.

Advanced Example

Uses a bunch of stuff. Adds in a custom library, arbiters it. Loads in data from a file attaches it to the data domain. Changes the default namespace, and does not wait for the DOM. Also cuts out tests from files (in particular dependencies from app::helper does not get included.)

│  └───app::bigthing/sub2
│  └───shared::calc

If it works, a bunch of stuff will be logged to console, and no errors will show up.

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