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Typr API

Assume var t = require('typr'), then every function attached to t is a function from x to a Boolean.

Type Partitioning

Of the following tests, EXACTLY ONE is true for any JavaScript object x.

t.isFunction(x) :: Bool

t.isObject(x) :: Bool

t.isNumber(x) :: Bool

t.isDate(x) :: Bool

t.isString(x) :: Bool

t.isRegExp(x) :: Bool

t.isArguments(x) :: Bool

t.isArray(x) :: Bool

t.isNull(x) :: Bool

t.isUndefined(x) :: Bool


Even if t.isObject(x) is false, x may still have keys in some cases that can be looped over.

t.hasKeys(o) :: Bool

Number Partitioning

Every Number is one of three sub-types:

t.isNaN(x) :: Bool

t.isInfinite(x) :: Bool

t.isNumeric(x) :: Bool