Android Projects discussed during the presentation
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Android Projects discussed during the presentation

PixelCamp_networking - Custom TrustManager
PixelsCamp_netorkinghostnameverifier - Custome HostnameVerifier
PixelCamp_networking2 - Custom Webview including addJavascriptInterface
PixelCamp_networking3 - Certificate Pinning
PixelsCamp_content - File Content Provider
PixelsCamp_contentExploit - App to explore vulnerable File Content Provider
PixelsCamp_content2 - SQLite Content Provider
PixelsCamp_contentExploit2 - App to explore vulnerable SQLite Content Provider
AdbBackup - App using fullBackupContent (>= version 6)
PixelsCamp_NetworkSecurityConfig - App using NetworkSecurityConfig (>= version 7)