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Demonstration-Guided Reinforcement Learning with Learned Skills

Karl Pertsch1, Youngwoon Lee1, Yue Wu1, Joseph Lim1

1CLVR Lab, University of Southern California

This is the official PyTorch implementation of the paper "Demonstration-Guided Reinforcement Learning with Learned Skills".


  • python 3.7+
  • mujoco 2.1 (for RL experiments)
  • Ubuntu 18.04

Installation Instructions

Create a virtual environment and install all required packages:

cd skild
pip3 install virtualenv
virtualenv -p $(which python3) ./venv
source ./venv/bin/activate

# Install dependencies and package
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
pip3 install -e .

Install SPiRL as a git submodule:

# Download SPiRL as a submodule (all requirements should already be installed)
git submodule update --init --recursive
cd spirl
pip3 install -e .
cd ..

Set the environment variables that specify the root experiment and data directories. For example:

mkdir ./experiments
mkdir ./data
export EXP_DIR=./experiments
export DATA_DIR=./data

If you are planning to use GPUs, set the target GPU via export CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=XXX.

Finally, for running RL experiments on maze or kitchen environments, install our fork of the D4RL benchmark repository by following its installation instructions. Also make sure to place your Mujoco license file mj_key.txt in ~/.mujoco. For running RL in the office environment, install our fork of the Roboverse repo and follow it's installation instructions for installing PyBullet.

Example Commands

Our skill-based imitation / demo-guided RL pipeline is run in four steps: (1) train skill embedding and skill prior, (2) train skill posterior, (3) train demo discriminator, (4) use all components for demo-guided RL or imitation learning on the downstream task.

All results will be written to WandB. Before running any of the commands below, create an account and then change the WandB entity and project name at the top of and rl/ to match your account.

Skill Embedding & Prior

To train skill embedding and skill prior model for the kitchen environment, run:

python3 spirl/spirl/ --path=skild/configs/skill_prior/kitchen --val_data_size=160 --prefix=kitchen_prior

Skill Posterior

For training the skill posterior on the demonstration data, run:

python3 spirl/spirl/ --path=skild/configs/skill_posterior/kitchen --val_data_size=160 --prefix=kitchen_post

Note that the skill posterior can only be trained once skill embedding and prior training is completed since it leverages the pre-trained skill embedding.

Demo Discriminator

For training the demonstration discriminator, run:

python3 spirl/spirl/ --path=skild/configs/demo_discriminator/kitchen --val_data_size=160 --prefix=kitchen_discr

Demonstration-Guided RL

For training a SkiLD agent on the kitchen environment using the pre-trained components from above, run:

python3 spirl/spirl/rl/ --path=skild/configs/demo_rl/kitchen --seed=0 --prefix=SkiLD_demoRL_kitchen_seed0

Imitation Learning

For training a SkiLD agent on the kitchen environment with pure imitation learning, run:

python3 spirl/spirl/rl/ --path=skild/configs/imitation/kitchen --seed=0 --prefix=SkiLD_IL_kitchen_seed0

In all commands above, kitchen can be replaced with maze / office to run on the respective environment. Before training models on these environments, the corresponding datasets need to be downloaded (the kitchen dataset gets downloaded automatically) -- download links are provided below.

To accelerate RL / IL training, you can use MPI for multi-processing by pre-pending mpirun -np XXX to the above RL / IL commands, where XXX corresponds to the number of parallel workers you want to spawn. Also update the corresponding config file by uncommenting the update_iterations = XXX line and again replacing XXX with the desired number of workers.


Dataset Link Size
Maze Task-Agnostic 470MB
Maze Demos 100MB
Office Cleanup Task-Agnostic 170MB
Office Cleanup Demos 6MB

To download the dataset files from Google Drive via the command line, you can use the gdown package. Install it with:

pip install gdown

Then navigate to the folder you want to download the data to and run the following commands:

# Download Maze Task-Agnostic Dataset

# Download Maze Demonstration Dataset

Finally, unzip the downloaded files with unzip <path_to_file>.

Code Structure & Modifying the Code

For a more detailed documentation of the code structure and how to extend the code (adding new enviroments, models, RL algos) please check the documentation in the SPiRL repo.


If you find this work useful in your research, please consider citing:

         title={Demonstration-Guided Reinforcement Learning with Learned Skills},
         author={Karl Pertsch and Youngwoon Lee and Yue Wu and Joseph J. Lim},
         journal={5th Conference on Robot Learning},


Most of the heavy-lifting in this code is done by the SPiRL codebase, published as part of our prior work.

We thank Justin Fu and Aviral Kumar et al. for providing the D4RL codebase which we use for some of our experiments. We also thank Avi Singh et al. for open-sourcing the Roboverse repo which we build on for our office environment experiments.


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