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Fasd is a self-contained posix shell script that can be either sourced or executed. A Makefile is provided to install fasd and fasd.1 to desired places.

System-wide install:

make install

Install to $HOME:

PREFIX=$HOME make install

Or alternatively you can just copy fasd to anywhere you like.

To get fasd working in a shell, some initialization code must be run. Put the line below in your shell rc.

eval "$(fasd --init auto)"

This will setup a command hook that executes on every command and advanced tab completion for zsh and bash.

If you want more control over what gets into your shell environment, you can pass customized set of arguments to fasd --init.

zsh-hook             # define _fasd_preexec and add it to zsh preexec array
zsh-ccomp            # zsh command mode completion definitions
zsh-ccomp-install    # setup command mode completion for zsh
zsh-wcomp            # zsh word mode completion definitions
zsh-wcomp-install    # setup word mode completion for zsh
bash-hook            # add hook code to bash $PROMPT_COMMAND
bash-ccomp           # bash command mode completion definitions
bash-ccomp-install   # setup command mode completion for bash
posix-alias          # define alias that applies to all posix shells
posix-hook           # setup $PS1 hook for shells that's posix compatible
tcsh-alias           # define aliases for tcsh
tcsh-hook            # setup tcsh precmd alias

Example for a minimal zsh setup (no tab completion):

eval "$(fasd --init posix-alias zsh-hook)"

Note that this method will slightly increase your shell start-up time, since calling binaries has overhead. You can cache fasd init code if you want minimal overhead. Example code for bash (to be put into .bashrc):

if [ "$(command -v fasd)" -nt "$fasd_cache" -o ! -s "$fasd_cache" ]; then
  fasd --init posix-alias bash-hook bash-ccomp bash-ccomp-install >| "$fasd_cache"
source "$fasd_cache"
unset fasd_cache

Optionally, if you can also source fasd if you want fasd to be a shell function instead of an executable.

You can tweak initialization code. For instance, if you want to use "c" instead of "z" to do directory jumping. You run the code below:

# function to execute built-in cd
fasd_cd() {
  if [ $# -le 1 ]; then
    fasd "$@"
    local _fasd_ret="$(fasd -e echo "$@")"
    [ -z "$_fasd_ret" ] && return
    [ -d "$_fasd_ret" ] && cd "$_fasd_ret" || echo "$_fasd_ret"
alias c='fasd_cd -d' # `-d' option present for bash completion
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