A vanilla javascript plugin to create a booklet/magazine effect
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Page Flip 2

In short, this is an attempt to create a good booklet plugin that isn't dependent on JQuery (e.g. turn.js), and one that I actually want to use.

The plugin uses the code found at https://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/casestudies/20things_pageflip/ as a starting point. The base code had a few bugs and didn't have an option for covers or for displaying both pages, so these were implemented.

Within the code, the user may play around with the variables. Please note that if you use the CENTER_COVER variable, then you will have to include Greensock's TweenLite and CSSPlugin as a dependency (see example-index.html to get the appropriate CDN script tags located in the head)

The user variables within the script.js are changeable, and are as follows:

  • CENTER_COVER : triggers animations to center the booklet when the front or back cover is closed (note that this uses Greensock's TweenLite and CSSPlugin as a dependency)
  • PAGE_CORNER_RADIUS : gives a border radius to the pages
  • PAGE_WIDTH : the width of one of the pages
  • PAGE_HEIGHT : the height of one of the pages
  • CANVAS_PADDING : padding between the pages and the HTML canvas

Setup (use image or see text below):

  • Pages will be displayed as if the booklet has already been opened, unless you specify one of the pages as being the cover. (for the front cover, please use the class "soft-cover", for the back cover, used the class "soft-back-cover"
  • Every page must be inside the #pages div, and have the class "page-div".
  • Every page on the left side of the booklet (as you open the booklet up) must ahve the class "odd-page".
  • For every page on the right side, use the class "even-page"
  • The user must also include the canvas and surrounding div with id "book", as shown in the image / example-index.html

Example Image

Not yet implemented: hard covers (only paper/soft covers are available to use on the current version) Mobile version also not working