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Java Socket.IO Client

A Socket.IO client written in Java. See the offical Socket.IO website for more information.


This project has a dependency on TooTallNate/Java-WebSocket, a barebones WebSocket client and server implementation written in 100% Java.


Here is how you connect to a Socket.IO server at localhost:80:

IOSocket socket = new IOSocket("http://localhost:80", new MessageCallback() {
  public void on(String event, JSONObject... data) {
    // Handle events

  public void onMessage(String message) {
    // Handle simple messages

  public void onMessage(JSONObject message) {
    // Handle JSON messages

  public void onConnect() {
    // Socket connection opened

  public void onDisconnect() {
    // Socket connection closed


If you're using the namespace feature of Socket.IO, you can also set that in the socket address:

IOSocket socket = new IOSocket("http://localhost:80/chat", ...)

Once the connection is opened, you can send messages to the server:

// simple message
socket.send("Hello world");

// event with a json message
socket.emit("see", new JSONObject().put("name", "Spot").put("action", "run"));