JRuby deployment ecosystem

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JRuby deployment options

Jetty based


Mizuno optimized for speed, async, translates env hash
Kirk A Jetty binding for JRuby, translates env hash
jetty-rb Toy project of katz, translates env hash
jetty-server Jetty Server Gem, unfinished?, I belive it's to be used with jruby-rack via web.xml
https://gist.github.com/1133786 - Jetty7 jruby-rack embedded server, based on jruby-rack


jruby-rack-jetty Basic jetty handler for rack that sits a top of jruby-rack, based on jruby-rack
Jetty Rails if you have problems with 0.8.1 downgrade to 0.6 (worked for me), based on jruby-rack
jetty-rackup Runs a rack conform application inside jetty web server, based on jruby-rack
rack-jetty Very simple (mostly Ruby) implementation of jetty as a pure Rack adapter, translates env hash
Jetty-jruby-sinatra-skeleton skeleton application, based on jruby-rack
jettr Jetty wrapper in Ruby, based on jruby-rack

JBoss based

Torquebox nice for the extra enterprisey jbossey features, but you might lock-in if you use them
picard.java It's enterprise! (carllerche)
Aspen a JRuby web server similar to Thin netty

Tomcat based

Trinidad Simple library to run rails and rackup applications into an embedded Apache Tomcat


Rails-asyncweb (old) "a fast HTTP server"