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  • Your favorite IDE ** Visual Studio Code, Atom or your pick of Jetbrains products (Webstorm or Intellij recommended if going this route)

  • Node and NPM

  • Java 11 or greater

  • Optional: ** If you wish to follow the Selenium hands-on examples using Python, Python 3.7 is necessary.
    ** If using IDE that generates virtualenv automatically, use that. If not, on Mac, brew install pipenv. If on Windows, pip install pipenv.

Setup Instructions


CSS Examples -

XPATH Examples -

Running Javascript Tests from Command Line

  • Non-Mocha framework node basicTest.spec.js
  • Mocha mocha basicTest.spec.js --timeout 10000

Node Webdriver-Manager

Need a specific version of chrome driver:

webdriver-manager update --gecko false webdriver-manager start

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