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Bubble Jam

Bubble Jam live

Bubble Jam is a Zuma-inspired matching game. A chain of colored bubbles travels along a curving track. The player eliminates bubbles and scores points by firing at the chain from the center of the track. If the fired bubble strikes a group of bubbles of the same color, the fired bubble and all members of the group disappear from the chain--otherwise the fired bubble is inserted into the chain. The player loses points by allowing bubbles to reach the end of the track and "escape."

this is what Bubble Jam looks like!

Technical Implementation

Bubble Jam is built in JavaScript using HTML5's Canvas API for animation.

The chain of bubbles is implemented as a doubly-linked list, allowing for constant time insertion and deletion of bubbles.

insert(prevLink) {
  this.prev = prevLink =; = this; = this;

  this.percent = prevLink.percent;
  this.curve = prevLink.curve;

remove() { =; = this.prev;

Upon collision with the chain, a bubble recursively searches up and down the chain for bubbles of the same color; all are removed if there are three or more matches.

class Missile {
  checkForMatches() {
    return [this.bubble].concat(

class Bubble {
  checkForward() {
    if (this.prev.color !== this.color) return [];
    return [this.prev].concat(this.prev.checkForward());

The doubly-linked list also reduces the time complexity of collision checking. Each node in the list detects collision with only the node directly ahead of it--to which it holds a prev reference. Thus, collision detection in the bubble chain occurs in O(n) time, a significant improvement over the O(n2) required for each node to detect collision with any other node.

Future Directions

Going forward, I look forward to implementing more sophisticated bubble behavior, including chain reactions when groups of three are formed by the removal of an intervening group.

I also plan to introduce other modes of play in addition to the current endless-play mode, including a multi-level adventure mode and timed challenge mode.


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