Control software for an Arduino based PCB UV exposure box
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clytras Add EEPROM write at running mode (v1.1)
Writes EEPROM data after 5 seconds the encoder has changed and when the program goes at running mode.
Program version updated to 1.1
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UV PCB Exposure Box

Finished Project



This is the control software and design files for a DIY UV PCB exposure box. I'm using an old and damaged scanner box to create this device. The application is an adjustable timer that turns on and off a UV LED strip.

Breadboard diagram using Fritzing

Fritzing Breadboard Diagram

Schematic diagram using EasyEDA

EasyEDA Schematic Diagram

The final protoboard design

EasyEDA Schematic Diagram

Parts list

  • R1: 10K
  • R2: 10K
  • R3: 120
  • R4: 120
  • MOSFET: FS10KM-10 (N-Channel)
  • Rotary encoder with a monetary switch
  • Monetary switch X 2
  • 4 digit LED display module
  • UV LED Strip