Arduino library for TM1637 (LED Driver) (Modified)
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Modify notice

This is a modified version of avishorp/TM1637.

It adds the following function:

Function Description
setPaternAll Sets a specific pattern to selected digits
setPatern Sets a different patterns to digits
showNumberFloat Displays a float number using the DP dot deciaml separator
showNumberInt Displays an integer number
showString Displays a string using 8 segment LED display letters
showTime Displays the time by left part, right part and colon parameters
clear Clears the display; it has optiona parameters to show the decimal points and colon


Arduino library for TM1637 (LED Driver)


An Arduino library for 7-segment display modules based on the TM1637 chip, such as Seeed Studio's Grove 4 digit display. The TM1637 chip also has keyboard input capability, but it's not implemented in this library.

Hardware Connection

The display modules has two signal connection (and two power connections) which are CLK and DIO. These pins can be connected to any pair of digital pins on the Arduino. When an object is created, the pins should be configured. There is no limitaion on the number of instances used concurrently (as long as each instance has a pin pair of its own)


The library is installed as any Arduino library, by copying the files into a directory on the library search path of the Arduino IDE


The library provides a single class named TM1637Display. An instance of this class provides the following functions:

  • setSegments - Sets the raw value of the segments of each digit
  • showNumberDec - Displays a decimal number
  • setBrightness - Sets the brightness of the display

The information given above is only a summary. Please refer to TM1637Display.h for more information. An example is included, demonstarting the operation of most of the functions.