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set_assume script

This script can get and set AssumeRole Credentials.
Required: jq command

Usage: source [options]

  • -i: account id in arn
  • -r: assume role name in arn
  • -a: role-arn
  • -n: role-session-name
  • -s: serial-number
  • -t: token-code

Required options:

  • arn option: ('-i and -r') or '-a'
    • e.g. -a = arn:aws:iam::-i:role/-r
  • name option: '-n'

If you want to omit role name, please set $AWS_SETSTS_DEFAULT_ROLE
e.g. $ echo "export AWS_SETSTS_DEFAULT_ROLE=your_role_name" >> ~/.bash_profile

If you want to omit mfa serial number, please set $AWS_SETSTS_DEFAULT_SERIAL
e.g. $ echo "export AWS_SETSTS_DEFAULT_SERIAL=your_serial_number" >> ~/.bash_profile

If you want the bash prompt to display the session name, please set the following to .bashrc:

PS1="\h:\W \u\`
if [ ! -z \"\$AWS_SETSTS_ROLE_SESSION_NAME\" ]; then
    echo \" [\$AWS_SETSTS_ROLE_SESSION_NAME] \";
\`\$ "

It looks like host:working_dir user [session] $
I think it is even better if you set the color at prompt or iTerm2.

unset_env_credentials script

Unset AWS credentials in environment variable.
Usage: source