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jQuery plugin to create a responsive breadcrumb
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rCrumbs ─ a respsonsive breadcrumbs Build Status

rCrumbs aka responsiveCrumbs aka resizableCrumbs is a jQuery plugin which transforms a bunch of list item elements into a responsive breadcrumbs. The number of navigation items displayed is dynamically adapted depending on the available space in the browser window.


A demonstration is available here


The plugin's javascript and css files can be found in the dist/ folder. A development and a production version (minified) are available.


To install the plugin with bower use the following command :

bower install jquery-rcrumbs


  1. Include the plugin css file:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="jquery.rcrumbs.css">
  1. Include jQuery and the plugin on your page:
<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.rcrumbs.js"></script>
  1. Add your breadcrumbs elements using the following structure :
    <div class="rcrumbs" id="breadcrumbs">
            <li><a href="#">Home</a><span class="divider">></span></li>
            <li><a href="#">...</a><span class="divider">></span></li>
            <li><a href="#">...</a><span class="divider">></span></li>
  1. Initialize the plugin:
    <script type="text/javascript">
        jQuery(document).ready(function() {


A few options are available to interact with the rCrumbs plugin.


A few callbacks are available to run custom function during plugin execution.

  • preCrumbsListDisplay: Run a custom function before the crumbs list is rendered.
  • preCrumbDisplay: Run a custom function before each crumb is rendered.
  • postCrumbsListDisplay: Run a custom function after the crumbs list is rendered.
  • postCrumbDisplay: Run a custom function after each crumb is rendered.

Usage example :

        callback: {
            preCrumbsListDisplay: function () {
             //your code


It's possible to activate/deactivate ellipsis when the last navigation element remains with not enough space to be fully displayed.

Default option value: true

Usage example :

    $("#breadcrumbs").rcrumbs({ellipsis: false});

Resize on browser window resize event

Activate an automatic bind to the window resize event in order to resize the breadcrumbs when the browser window is resized.

Default option value: true

Usage example :

    $("#breadcrumbs").rcrumbs({windowResize: true});

Number of uncollapsable navigation elements

The number of navigation elements which cannot be collapsed when the breadcrumbs is resized.

Default option value: 2

Usage example :

    $("#breadcrumbs").rcrumbs({nbUncollapsableCrumbs: 3});

Number of fixed navigation elements

The number of navigation elements which are always displayed on the left side of the breadcrumbs.

Default option value: 0

Usage example :

    $("#breadcrumbs").rcrumbs({nbFixedCrumbs: 2});

Animation (windowResize option must be set to tue)

An animation can be activated when the crumbs are displayed/hidden on a window resize. It's also possible to set the animation speed (in ms).

Default option value: animation:true, speed:400

Usage example :

        animation: {
            activated: true, speed: 200

Repository structure

  • demo/ ─ plugin demonstration files
  • dist/ ─ files compiled with the different Grunt tasks goes here
  • libs/ ─ project dependencies
  • src/ ─ all sources files are located here
    • less ─ stylesheets source files
    • jquery.rcrumbs.js ─ project jquery plugin source file
  • test/ ─ files used to perform unit test
  • .gitignore ─ file used to avoid committing certain files
  • Gruntfile.js ─ file where all Grunt tasks are declared
  • LICENSE-MIT ─ project licence
  • package.json ─ nodejs package description (needed by Grunt)
  • ─ <-- your are here

jQuery requirement

jQuery 1.7.0+ or 2.0.0+

Browser compatibility

The plugin has been tested on the following browser versions and above. It may works with certain older versions which have not yet been tested.

  • Chrome 14+
  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Safari Windows & OSX 4+
  • IE 8+ (not compatible with IE 6,7)
  • Opera 12.10+


From simple typo corrections to new features, your contributions are always welcome. Please follow the next steps to submit your modifications.

  • Install git (more info).
  • Fork this project and perform a git clone of your forked repository ([more info] (
  • Apply your modifications.
  • Add unit test when it's relevant.
  • Test the code using the project Grunt tasks.
  • Update README (if needed).
  • Commit your modifications with a meaningful message.
  • Push your commit (more info).
  • Issue a pull request (more info).

Use Grunt tasks

This project use Grunt JS to automate the creation of the distributions files. To use the Grunt tasks declared inside Gruntfile.js you can follow the getting start guide.

Once Nodejs and Grunt are installed run the following command in order to download the dependencies :

    npm install

Then, your can start to use the different Grunt tasks declared inside Gruntfile.js.

Unit testing

Unit testing is performed with the use of the QUnit library.

Unit test are located into the test/test.js file. This file is loaded by the test.html file which contains the needed fixtures to run test on concrete data.

Some other unit tests needs to be run inside a popup window in order to test the effects of a window resize. For this reason all tests which needs to perform a window resize are located into the test/window-resize.js file and must be run manually.

To run a test suit just open the corresponding .html test files or use the Grunt watch task. You can also run the grunt test tasks declared in Gruntfile.js.


I wish to thanks all guys working on the awesome projects which are used to create/run/build this plugin.

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