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Updated Device configs for Vendor Pico(Htc Explorer){New repo!)
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bdaddr_read Device Config for Pico
configs Fixes
hwaddrs Device Config for Pico
keylayout Device Config for Pico
libgralloc Device Config for Pico
liblights Device Config for Pico
overlay update overlays
recovery Device Config for Pico Device Config for Pico
README.mkdn Device Config for Pico
UsbController.cpp Device Config for Pico
default.prop Device Config for Pico
kernel Add Htc Asia stock kernel,modules Add Htc Asia stock kernel,modules
recovery.fstab Update master Device Config for Pico
system.prop Moarr Fixes! Device Config for Pico


CyanogenMod 7.2 NIGHTLY for HTC Explorer(Pico)

How to init repository

You need to have your environment configured exatly like here:

Next download a repo client (part "Installing Repo" of this link):

After this steps you have everything configured and can initialize your repository for building CM for Pico.

First initialize local repository- this will comw with my pecan nightly device folder and less to download

repo init -u git:// -b gingerbread

Then sync up:

repo sync -j4

This may took few hours depending on your internet speed.

You will get full CyanogenMod repo with pico device folder (device/htc/pico), ready to build CM for Pico

How to build

First you will need to get properiaty drivers from running device. This step assumes you have adb installed and configured - google for it if you don't, beacuse it is ultimate Android Dev tool and you REALY need it if you want to do something ;)

Start the build:

. build/ && brunch pico

Now Android is building. Now you need to wait quite a long time (depending on your hardware) for the message:

Package complete: /home/xxxxxusername/android/system/out/target/product/pico/

Now in folder out/target/pico/ you will find flashable zip called with your built ROM. Flash it and enjoy! Voila!

For more info check:

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