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Plugin for running build tasks inside a Docker container a la Gitlab CI.


  • 17.3.0+ note: This is only tested regularly against 17.3.0 and latest. This could potentially work with versions back to 14.4.0 (introduction of the message based plugin API), but this is completely untested.
  • Agent Requirements: Linux, Docker note: This is only tested against the latest Docker stable release and Ubuntu 16.04.


This plugin can be installed using the standard installation instructions.


Agent configuration

  1. If docker is not available at the standard unix:///var/run/docker.sock location, an alternative URL can be specified by setting the Java system property gocddockerexecplugin.dockerhost.

Task configuration

  1. Select "Docker Exec" when creating a new task.

    New task

  2. Specify the image to be used, command to be run, and any arguments to the command. Arguments must be specified one per line the same as the "More..." task.

    Task config


For general Q/A please hop on the Gitter channel using the link above. If you have a bug to report, please create create an issue against this repository. Make sure to use the template provided and provide as much detail as possible in order to reproduce the issue.


Please note we have a code of conduct that all contributors are required to follow.

Detailed code guidelines/instructions are available here