Emacs 24+ theme inspired by the former color palette of Gmail's "Planet" theme.
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Planet Theme for Emacs 24


Planet is a theme for Emacs inspired by the color palette of the former Gmail theme, "Planets." I don't know the artist to credit for developing the original Planets palette, but I'll gladly do so when I know their name.

This theme is being testing with Emacs 24 and deftheme -- color-theme-package not required.



M-x package-install RET planet-theme

Stand-alone installation

Download from on Github.

After downloading, place planet-theme.el in a folder in your Emacs' custom-theme load path. I have mine defined in .emacs as:

(add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path "~/.emacs.d/themes")

Apply Theme

After installation, it can be applied interactively with

M-x load-theme RET planet

or by default in your .emacs file with

(load-theme 'planet t)


Bugs & Improvements

There should not be any bugs but rather only colors that "don't fit". I am using this theme everyday and I will be adding and adjusting accent colors as well as support for other modes as I work with them. I plan to keep the basic ground colors the same.