A Pelican plugin providing a referencing-system for figures, like that in LaTeX.
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Provides a system to reference figures using labels, as happens in LaTeX.


figure-ref requires BeautifulSoup4.

pip install BeautifulSoup4

How to Use

This plugin will search for labels within <figcaption> tags. Figures and figcaptions can be inserted via Restructured Text or using the figureAltCaption plugin with Markdown. Labelled figures take the form:

  <img src="path/to/image.png">
  labelname :: This is the label text.

In Markdown, using the aforementioned plugin, you can create such a figure with the syntax ![labelname :: This is the label text.](path/to/image.png).

This would be traslated to

<figure id="figref-labelname">
  <img src="path/to/image.png">
  <strong>Figure 1:</strong> This is the label text.

This figure can be referenced in a paragraph using the syntax {#labelname}. This will then be replaced by the figure number, which will act as a link to the figure.