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Save macOS


A streamlined bootstrapper for getting pkgsrc/pkgin up and running on macOS, fast!


Why wait for other ports/package managers to compile your software? With pkgin, you get GPG signed binary packages - fast and secure!


To get started, grab a copy of the repo (either clone it, or download as a zip), open up a terminal and simply run the bootstrap script - you'll be up and running in under a minute!

Here's a quick demo of the script in action Save macOS Demo

So what does this script do?

In a nutshell, this script will install pkgsrc, pkgin, add Joyent's package repo, and set up your PATH & MANPATH evaluation.


pkgsrc won't pollute your system by inserting libraries here and there, or dotting files all over the place. Installation is confined to a very select few directories, namely: /opt/pkg & /var/db/pkgin

Want to uninstall pkgsrc/pkgin? It's as easy as:
sudo rm -r /opt/pkg /var/db/pkgin /etc/{man,}paths.d/pkgsrc

pkgin usage

Want to find and install a package?

pkgin search <package name>

sudo pkgin install <package name>

Nice 'n easy!

See here for pkgin's usage examples.

Why choose pkgsrc/pkgin over <insert package manager here>?

Here's a list of just a few properties that make pkgin (a binary package manager for pkgsrc) different from other package managers available for macOS:

  • Precompiled packages from a trusted source
  • Signed packages with GPG
  • Dead simple makefiles
  • A robust multi platform framework
  • Can be bootstrapped without any external dependencies other than a C compiler & a shell
  • Tried and true, with a huge community of BSD developers behind it (and many devs from other communities)
  • A very large collection of packages (up to 15,000)
  • Ultra portable framework for use on many other OS's results in high quality ports
  • Easy creation of new ports/packages
  • Source code & package management are kept separated


Packages are generously hosted by Joyent and built by jperkin.


IRC: For all things pkgsrc, head over to #pkgsrc on freenode


Use of this source code is governed by an ISC license that can be found in the LICENSE file