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cmapR (CMap R code)

Parsing and utility functions for analyzing CMap data. For documentation, please visit this project's ReadTheDocs page. There is also a tutorial available here. To learn more about the CMap project at the Broad Institute, please visit clue.io.

Install instructions

Dependencies are listed in DESCRIPTION

Installing from source

Perhaps the simplest way is to install directly from github using devtools::install_github("cmap/cmapR"). Note that this requires having previously installed the devtools package.

Alternatively, you can point your R's install.packages function at a tarball of the cmapR archive. You can generate this archive by cloning this repository and doing the following:

# make a gzip tar ball of the repo
R CMD build cmapR
# makes cmapR_1.0.tar.gz

# check that the package is ok
R CMD check cmapR_1.0.tar.gz	

Once you have created the tarball, open an R terminal and execute the following:

install.packages("cmapR_1.0.tar.gz", type="source", repos=NULL)

You can also source individual files as needed instead of installing the entire package.

# For example, just load the IO methods

Citation information

If you use GCTx and/or cmapR in your work, please cite Enache et al.