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replican-sync - Filesystem synchronization for Go


replican-sync provides local file & directory synchronization with an implementation of the rsync algorithm. It is not compatible with the wire protocols and indexing used in the rsync(1) utility.


At this point, I'm working self-consistency and simplicity into the library as I develop on it. The API is subject to change.


  • Linux, OSX, MinGW
  • Hierarchical, content-addressable filesystem model down to the block level.
  • Match and patch files with rolling checksum and strong cryptographic hash.
  • Match and patch directory structures.

Planned/In Development

In order of current precedence.

  • (NEW) Simple version tracking and automated merge between stores.
    • Emphasis on the 'simple'! This isn't going to be a DVCS! :)
  • Synchronization behavior options (filtering, handling deletes, etc.)
  • Handle symbolic links.
  • Performance benchmarking, tuning, optimization.

Getting Started


See rp.go, fs_test.go and merge_test.go for examples.


I'm working on a decentralized folder synchronization service/application. replican-sync is just the first step.


MIT, see LICENSE. If you use replican-sync, I'd like to hear from you.


replican is developed in Go.


You'll need to first goinstall:


Run gb from the top level.


'gb -t' to execute unit tests.

Indexing, matching & patching are tested with a little utility that fabricates directory structures of arbitrary random, but reproducible binary data. See replican/treegen.