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WinPEBuilder v1.1 creates your WinPE bootable Images easily, including custom scripts and drivers.
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WinPEBuilder 1.1

WinPEBuilder creates your Windows PE Environment easily and faster in a few clicks. You will be able to Generate a custom WinPE Images with the essential packages included.

WinPE Packages preset:

  • HTA, WMI, StorageWMI, Scripting, NetFx, PowerShell, DismCmdlets, FMAPI, SecureBootCmdlets, EnhancedStorage, SecureStartup (BitLocker Support).
  • More information about WinPE packages

How Does it Work?

WinPEBuilder directory layout:

├── Add-Drivers   # Add all the drivers in this location, they will added to the WinPE Image.
├── Add-Scripts   # any script or file will copy to the WinPE %SYSTEM32% root 
├── WinPE-ISO     # The WinPE ISO will be generated on this directory and will named: WinPE_X64.iso 
└── WinPE-Root    # This Directory is used to mount the WinPE image.
  • Changing the Background: Replace the the image located "\Add-Scripts\winpe.jpg" 800x600 px.
  • If you want the default WinPE background remove "\Add-Scripts\winpe.jpg".
  • Calling Custom Scripts. You need to edit "\Add-Scripts\startnet.cmd"
  • Add your Scripts and drivers to the corresponding directories.

Run as Administrator: WinPEBuilder.bat

Your WinPE ISO will be ready in 2 to 5 minutes.


If this project helps, you can give me a cup of coffee ;).


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