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gadget-snapshot-reader (GSR)

GADGET is a cosmological SPH and N-body code, written by Volker Springel.

Since this code is widely used by the cosmological community, and considering the growth of Python use among scientist, Patrick Brem decided to write a simple script to read the snapshot and be able to access the data.

I decided to improve his code, and add more features, to provide a nice/simple module to deal with the GADGET binary snapshots.

Be aware, the project is still under development.


To use this module, you can install is using the

    python install --user


You can visit the examples directory to see a couple of ways to use GSR.


For a simple transformation from the gadget-binary file to ascii, you can do the following:

from gsr import *

snap = Snapshot(filename)

Every ascii file is generated using the following order:

| id | mass | posx | posy | posz | velx | vely | velz | u | rho |

It is possible to process more parameters, just enabling them in the constructor call, for example:

  • snap = Snapshot(filename, enable_potential = True)

Extra options are:

  • enable_potential
  • enable_accelerations
  • enable_entropy_production
  • enable_timesteps
  • enable_density
  • enable_smoothing_lenght

If you want to print certain information from the snapshot by type:

particle_type = 5  # From GADGET, only 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

To use the data from the snapshot, it is possible to get a list with all the information of a particle type:

particle_type = 5
data = snap.get_data_by_type(particle_type)

which will return a dictionary with the following structure:

{'id':[id0, id1, ...],'mass':[mass0, mass1, ...], 'pos':[[pos0x, pos0y, pos0z], [pos1x, pos1y, pos2z]], 'vel':[[vel0x, vel0y, vel0z], [vel1x, vel1y, vel1z], ...]]

if the requested type is 0 (Gas) the dictionary will also include the Internal energy u and the Density rho.


Since the project is still under development, a lot of feature are missing, and will be really nice if you can collaborate, asking for a new functionallity or even submitting a pull request to improve the code.


Python module to read binary snapshots from Gadget



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